Canadian Girls in Canada

While it will be easier, not to mention more convenient, to describe Canadian girls in their homeland in general terms, the reality is far different. Canadian women live in one of the world's most ethnically diverse countries with each ethnic group retaining plenty of its unique identity. Such multi-culturalism has resulted in a mosaic of cultures from Canadians and Europeans to Asians instead of the melting pot of culture more common in its neighbor, the United States.

Set Realistic Expectations

Thus, in Christian dating sites where men looking for women in Canada, the men should set realistic expectations about the characteristics of the women. Flirt, enagage in an online chat, and establish a friendship with your prospective girlfriend - just be sure to appreciate her unique personality as an individual and her sense of being Canadian. You will find that feeling lonely will not be part of your life anymore, thanks to the opportunities to meet new friends and enjoy a relationship with your girlfriend.

For example, you will find Canadian girls who have the values of their American counterparts - affectionate, liberal, and adventurous. Then you will also meet girls who are more reserved in their public displays of affection - Canadians are generally not showy especially when meeting friends in public - and more conservative in their values.

Know the Canadian Identity

Men looking for women in Canada via Christian dating sites should also be aware of the four key characteristics of Canadian identity. From these characteristics, you will gain a deeper understanding of what makes many, if not most, Canadian girls tic, so to speak.

First, Canadians are proud of their bi-cultural nature. You will find that they are as equally proud of their English and French heritage although you will also observe certain areas where one trumps the other. For example, Quebec is considered as a Francophone area while the rest of Canada are firmly English in nature.

Both, nonetheless, co-exist in relative harmony. You may have to learn French so as to attract Canadian women to your online dating profile - not only is the language romantic but it is essential to establish good relationships with the women on your list of prospects.

Second, Canadian girls may be individualistic but not as individualistic as their American counterparts. Close family ties are treasured among Canadians especially in families with an Asian heritage so you must also get to know your girlfriend's family.

Such level of individualism was borne of Canadians' history in revolution and republicanism - similar in many respects to the American experience but different in most aspects. Just be sure to respect the sense of individuality in your girlfriend but be sure to know her family and perhaps even her community, too.

Third, Canadians take pride in their cultural mosaic. The social structure is made up of multiple ethnic groups - Europeans, Asians and even Africans - because of the strong immigration policies of the Canadian government.

Each ethnic group, however, has kept its identity including their culture and traditions while also adapting to the Canadian culture. You will find then that while Canadian girls possess modern-day values, they are also influenced by their own ethnic roots. For example, Canadians with Asian roots are more likely to be more conservative than Canadians with a European heritage.

Fourth, the vast land of Canada - its motto is From Sea to Sea, after all - has also contributed to the development of its national identity. You will find subtle distinctions in the culture of the people based on their location in Canada.

In the West (Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan), the ideals of individual equality are strong while the culture bears plenty of similarities to Northwest American culture than to Canadian culture. In the East (Ontario and Quebec), the culture is proudly more Canadian with a strong French presence.

The bottom line: Canadian girls are as diverse as their ancestors, their land, and their cultures. You must learn to adapt well.

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