Filipino Girls in Canada

Are you looking to meet and date Filipino girls in Canada? In the first part of the new millennium, the Filipino Canadian population grew as much as 33 percent. Right now, there are about 660,000 Filipino Canadians living in Canada, and about 65 percent of them are females. Most of these communities are centralized in urban areas such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal because these urban areas have the most jobs.

So, if you are looking for beautiful and hot Filipino girls in Canada, the country’s urban areas have the best pickings. You might be able to find that special girl and strike up a conversation in places such as Toronto’s Sino Pino or Experanza’s Pancitan. Or, you can find her at many other bustling spots such as parks, office parks, restaurants, sporting events and even local grocery stores. But, first learn a bit about her background and history first.

There weren’t too many Filipino girls in Canada in the very beginning. However, with the Live in Caregiver Program of the 1980s, many Filipina women migrated to Canada. The program requires that you work two years as a nanny and then the Canadian government will grant permanent status.

Most women fulfill these requirements. They eventually go on to other jobs that are retail, customer service, nursing or restaurant jobs. But, as a live- in nanny, this means that she has to work 12 to 15 hours a day, which does not leave much time for dating and socializing. However, this does not mean that she wants to remain lonely and do not want male companionship. It just means that you must find a different way to approach them.

Online dating is a good option for dating Filipino girls in Canada because it allows them to create a profile and browse other online profiles at their own pace. Remember that with the average Filipina woman, being patient is very important. So, post a spectacular online profile and find beautiful hot Filipina women. There are many to choose from, and you are sure to find one that is looking for love and romance just like you.

However, before you jump in there are a few things that you should know about Filipina women first. First and foremost, family is a very important part of life for Filipina women. Many times they live with extended family even if they are adults with their own children. Not only do they provide love and emotional support for their family, but they also provide financial support as well. She does not expect you to provide this financial support. She just needs for you to understand her responsibility to family.

The Filipina woman is not a flashy type of woman. She is very conservative, easy going and friendly. The best way to get her attention is to form a friendship and be patient. Talk to her and find out what is important to her. Most men find Filipina women to be very laid back and unpretentious. However, don’t think that she is a submissive pushover.

When courting her, formality is still required. Remember proper dating etiquette. Don’t assume that just because she has a friendly disposition that she will jump into bed with you on the first night, or anytime soon. Court her in a traditional manner and be patient with her. The best way to win the heart of a Filipina woman is to give her plenty of genuine compliments, respect her and accept that she will always be a part of a well established and loving extended family.

All in all, Filipina dating involves taking it slow and settling down into a long term commitment. This is the perfect environment for long term online dating. Take your time and get to know her. Once she finally opens up to you, it will be well worth the wait.

Dating Filipino Girls

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