Five Places to Find Local Christian Singles

The daily life of a Christian is not much different from the daily life of anyone else in Canada. You can find them in cubicles earning their paychecks, at parks getting some exercise, or at any entertainment venue relaxing and spending time with friends.

You aren’t likely to pick local Christian singles up at a bar or dance with them at a night club, but there are plenty other places that your path may cross with the perfect Christian for your life. This list will give you five options to start your search.

1. Study groups and singles events hosted by local churches.

There is no better place to find Christians than in the house of God. If the church you attend doesn’t offer singles events, consider starting your own singles study group or host a monthly singles dinner. Encourage members of the church to invite their single friends to these events.

You can also attend events held by other churches in your area. Most churches welcome local Christians to their events even if they attend other churches.

2. Sporting events, conferences and other events held at your local conference centers and stadiums.

Is there a popular evangelist coming to your area for a speaking tour? Are there any Christian-themed conferences coming up? Do you enjoy cheering on your local football, baseball or volleyball team? These events draw large crowds, and many that includes many local Christian singles.

3. Seminars, training programs, elective courses and other learning programs.

When you attend events related to your work or hobbies, you will come across other people who share those interests. Many of them will turn out to share your religious beliefs as well. Make sure to embrace your courageous side and ask for phone numbers when you meet other singles, since you may not come across them again once the event ends.

4. Physical fitness events, such as 5K races, marathons, bodybuilding contests or local charity walks.

Many Christians believe in giving to charity, taking care of their bodies and spending time with family. You can sign up for many physically fitness-related events with a group of your friends or family members. Participants at these events are typically more than ready to engage with others and meet new fitness-minded people, so you can treat these events like networking opportunities.

5. Festivals, fairs and other local events.

Does your town have an annual Strawberry Fest or street fair? Not only are these events magnets for anyone who loves deep-friend pickles and elephant ears, but they are magnets for families, couples and singles. Many singles are found walking through the crowded aisles with their friends, wishing they had someone to hold hands and ride the Ferris wheel with. If you happen to be single and looking for the same thing, you could strike up a conversation over a cup of lemonade.

While you will find many Christian singles through these local opportunities, the fastest way to find them is to bring them altogether in one place. How do you do that? You look at online dating sites that cater to Christians. You may be surprised how many singles from your local area are also online searching for their perfect matches.

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