Single Girls in Canada

As with most countries where immigration is a national thrust, single girls in Canada come from many racial, even religious, backgrounds.

While the dating scene bears many similarities to Western countries like the United States (i.e., liberal rules), men who want to date single Canadian girls should take into account the ethnic roots of their prospects and, thus, the cultural differences when it comes to dating, sex and relationships.

Keep in mind that respect for the woman in particular and her culture in general is one of the pillars of successful Christian dating.

Taking Ethnicity Into Account

One of the benefits of online Christian dating is that you can engage in an online chat with your prospective girlfriend. You can then ask questions about her interests, personality, and culture, not to mention flirt with her to discover your sexual compatibility. You should also be prepared to answer her questions, discuss your likes and dislikes, and just enjoy a great chat with her.

While doing all of these online activities with your prospective girlfriend, you should ideally take into account her ethnicity. Keep in mind that single girls in Canada appreciate guys who are sensitive to the nuances and subtleties of their cultures, be it Canadian or Asian or European.

Let's take a look at the most ethnicities that Canadian single girls identify with and discuss a few of their defining characteristics. Of course, each of your prospective girlfriends have their own personality traits that you should appreciate and enjoy.

Majority of Canadian single girls identify themselves as purely Canadian since they were born and raised here. You will find them to be adventurous, independent and strong yet sweet, kind and generous, all of which are traits nurtured by the supportive culture of the country as a whole.

And then there are the single girls in Canada who identify themselves as British in ethnicity particularly English, Scottish and Irish. Their number is not surprising considering that Canada considers itself part of the Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state/monarch.

British girls are well-known for their strong will, liberal attitude, and carefree approach to life as well as their English rose appearance - creamy complexion, golden hair, and blue eyes, for example. Such is their inner and outer beauty that they are popular among the guys, too.

Of course, many single girls in Canada also identify themselves with European and Asian roots. Girls with French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Polish roots are aplenty here, too, with their attitude toward dating generally more liberal than their Asian counterparts such as single girls with Chinese and Filipino heritage.

While single girls raised in Asian households generally lean toward a conservative approach, their adaptability means that their dating values eventually become more Canadian in nature. Guys may have to court them as part of the dating process but the rewards of loyalty, love and trust are just rewards, indeed.

Taking Note of Differences

Depending on where the single girls in Canada come from in terms of their ethnicity, the Canadian dating culture can either be conservative or risque. On one hand, it is highly unusual for members of the opposite sex to hug or kiss during their first meeting - a conservative approach where Latin Americans are concerned. On the other hand, it is usual for a couple to engage in sex during the getting-to-know-each-other stage - a risque attitude in cultures where premarital sex, especially one0night stands, is frowned upon.

This is especially true among Easterners who view the Canadian dating scene in shock. The struggle to adapt to the differences in the dating culture partly stems from the differences in the individualistic culture in Canada and the collectivistic values in their home countries. Indeed, many single girls in Canada with non-Canadian ethnic roots will find the transition challenging, to say the least.

Fortunately, there are many tips that can make Christian dating in Canada easier on both parties...

  • Shake hands when being introduced. Avoid kissing and hugging on your first meeting, even on subsequent meetings unless you are both comfortable with public displays of affection.

  • Treat your date with respect. Canadians pride themselves on their free, equal and open society where class distinctions are usually absent.

  • In the end, dating single girls in Canada means being your best, too!

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